The Choeung Ek Killing Fields (Cambodia)

Please note that this post contains information and photos that some people (including me) may find disturbing. But I think it is important to inform others of what happened so hopefully it will never happen again.

Between 1975 and 1979 three million of the eight million people of Cambodia died under the Khmer Rouge. These people died from hunger, disease and execution in the ‘Killing Fields’.

Today we visited one of the killing fields called Choeung Ek, a place where Cambodians we driven to from the prison S.21 in Phnom Penh. Once they arrived in Choeung Ek men, women and children were quickly executed and then buried in mass graves.

In this picture you can see a mass grave. In the bottom left hand corner of the photo you can see a piece of skull that has surfaced from the ground as it rains.


Here is a photo of the killing tree. Babies were grabbed by their feet and smashed against this tree and then tossed into a mass grave. Often this was done in front of their mothers. The mothers were killed shortly after seeing their children murdered.
The Cambodian government has created a memorial Stupa to honour the dead, this contains the remains of many of the dead that have been discovered.

For more information on the Khmer Rouge, their leader and bringing those responsible for these humanitarian crimes to justice please check out the many books and online resources available.


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